The only question was how much energy the Cavaliers would exert to get to the finals.

Once Cleveland realized it wasn’t winning more games than the Golden State Warriors this season, regular season record didn’t matter. Champions don’t play for the regular season. They play for the finals.

Home-court advantage for Cleveland in the NBA Finals has long been out of reach. Those hopes were dashed when Golden State signed Kevin Durant and when Kawhi Leonard began to play like Kobe Bryant. If the Houston Rockets come out of the West, they’ll also have a better record than any Eastern Conference team.
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The only question was how much energy the Cavaliers would exert to get to the finals.

The talent disparity between the Cavaliers and Celtics (or any other Eastern Conference team) is tangible. Cleveland has two All-Star starters and a reserve in Kevin Love. They added Kyle Korver, Deron Williams, and a rim-protecting big in Larry Sanders.

The Bengals have went to overtime three times this season. It worked out in their favor in Week 6, as they bested the Buffalo Bills by a field goal, but they’ve fallen to the Miami Dolphins and the aforementioned Ravens in overtime over their past two games.

Cincinnati does have some quality wins on its record though. They took down the New England Patriots in Week 5 and the Detroit Lions in Week 7. But slow starts and a lack of execution in the clutch has hurt them big time. They scored 14 points in the fourth quarter against the Ravens to force overtime, and then did absolutely nothing once overtime began.

Limited Mens TJ Brodie Jersey The Bengals have the No. 7 pass offense, No. 7 pass defense and No. 9 rush defense. They are a legitimate playoff contender at this point, but faltering against the Browns and other divisional opponents down the line could easily knock them out of the lead and into a battle for a wildcard spot.