Kevin Keatts hired as NC State¡¯s next head coach, per report

Kevin Keatts won¡¯t have to go too far from UNC Wilmington for his new job, as he¡¯s been hired as the head coach of NC State, according to ESPN¡¯s Jeff Goodman.

UNC Wilmington gave Virginia a run for its money in the NCAA tournament before falling, 76-71. Keatts spent three years as the Seahawks¡¯ coach, making the NCAA tournament in two of his three seasons. Prior to his tenure there, he was an assistant under Rick Pitino at Louisville.
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Elite Arron Afflalo Jersey Dallas at Detroit left the group divided. The Lions lost their first home game of the season last week to the Bengals, but it was only their third game in Detroit so far. The Cowboys won their first road game of the season in Week 7, beating the Eagles in Philadelphia.Three panelists picked the Raiders over the Steelers. Both teams are trying to get their third win of the season.

Four of five picked the Patriots to get things back on track against the Dolphins this week. A Miami win will keep the standings tight in the AFC East, setting up a scramble through the second half of the season.

Joel and I tied for the best record on last week’s picks, going 10-5. David was 9-6, and Jason and Stephen were 8-7.

OK, for those who didn¡¯t see any of this: Jelle Van Damme got sent off on Sunday for accumulating yellow cards during incidents where he didn¡¯t make contact with anyone. His first yellow card was for dissent after a bad foul call and his second for intending to foul even though he didn¡¯t actually catch any of David Guzman. The LA Galaxy¡¯s social media team had some fun with this, setting Timbers players going down ¡ª in their opinion, diving ¡ª to ¡°Shooting Stars¡± and putting them in funny situations.

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The ACC tournament will be a standard 15-team bracket Tuesday through Saturday this week.

By adjusted efficiency, the Pac-12 was the worst of college basketball’s power conferences this year. More than one-fifth of all Pac-12 games this year have been decided by 20 points or more, a trend of blowouts that reflects the huge gap between the top of the conference and the bottom. Compared to other conferences, few games have been close at the end.

There’s been relatively little drama. If the final features some combination of Arizona, UCLA, and Oregon, we might see some. UCLA and Oregon played a thriller in December, and Arizona and UCLA played a tight one in February. There’s a good chance the first few days of this tournament are boring, but we could get power-on-power at the end.

The upper-middle tier of the conference is holding firm, with Virginia Tech, Louisville, and Virginia all appearing to be tournament-bound. Virginia’s defense remains stout, if its ability to score has become something of a liability. The Cavaliers own the conference’s second-to-last scoring average with just 66.6 points per outing.

Louisville was again a team to watch heading into the ACC tourney after Rick Pitino’s club churned out early-season wins over Purdue, Kentucky, and Indiana. Breakout star Donovan Mitchell has been stellar this year, averaging 15.8 points and 4.7 rebounds per game. He’s long and athletic, and if the Cardinals make a deep push into the Dance this year, Mitchell will be there, pulling off impressive acrobatics.

Still, the Cardinals couldn’t hold the line against Duke in Thursday’s quarterfinal round action, and they’ll have to wait to see where they’re seeded on Selection Sunday.

The ACC tournament will be a standard 15-team bracket Tuesday through Saturday this week. The top four seeds receive byes into the quarterfinal round, and the bottom six seeds duke it out in the opening round. The championship final is Saturday night at 9 p.m.15

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I wouldn’t say the same of missing the 2017 playoffs

No one seems to jump off the page here as deserving of this spot. Jason Day is bad and sick right now. Adam Scott hasn¡¯t won since this week last year. Tyrrell Hatton seems to deserve this spot as much as any based upon recent play, but I¡¯m going with Rahm since he¡¯s got a win and huge upside this season.

In his last 18 events, DJ¡¯s finished outside the top nine exactly four times. How far back does that run stretch? Last year¡¯s Byron Nelson in May 2016. His dominant win at Riviera, a top-three finish at Pebble, and a runner-up in Abu Dhabi would indicate he¡¯s showing no signs of letting up after reaching the top spot in the OWGR.

Youth Vernon Butler Jersey Week to week, there¡¯s no one more reliable in golf right now to contend for the title than DJ ¡ª and he¡¯s deserving of his new top world rankings. But, hey, this blogger likes wins and Hideki has five since the Tour Championship to DJ¡¯s one. Check back with us next week.

Let’s spin this forward. If it doesn’t work ¡ª and by work I mean a solid playoff contender with win totals trending toward the upper 40s ¡ª how tricky does that make the Pels’ situation at next year’s deadline?
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Unless this is a total disaster, I’m holding on to this idea for as long as I can for the same reasons I thought the Kings should have continued trying with Boogie: Great players only come along every so often. But I’m curious how you would view that scenario.

ZILLER: You have to be a no-brainer playoff team to walk into July 2018 fully confident you’re keeping Cousins. At this point in his career, he knows he needs to win games to protect his reputation. If New Orleans is winning, I struggle to see him leaving for anywhere.

If New Orleans isn’t above .500 a year from now, I think that’s a disaster. I wouldn’t say the same of missing the 2017 playoffs ¡ª as I mentioned, they dug a pretty deep hole due to some unavoidable circumstances ¡ª but falling short this year probably costs Alvin Gentry his job. Next year, below .500 at the deadline? I think Cousins’ value will be so low you might as well keep him. He’s graded on a different curve now.

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