The news comes with the Rams facing the potential of a lame duck season in St. Louis

He went back to the same playbook to address the assertion about Gase and the defensive coordinator situation.

“The job was offered to one person and one person only … Jim Tomsula.”

He covered himself with that response, which is technically true.

Baalke saying 49ers offered HC job only to Tomsula skips over the Jack Youngblood Youth Jersey point that Gase was told he could have the job if he made Tomsula his DC.

“I know there are a lot of people in the organization who want me back, but then again, I know the ones who don’t. It’s a difficult transition, and it’s not just about me. I have a wife who was able to sit back and see how people in Minnesota said this and said that, how media in Minnesota took the head of the situation with my child, and were digging into things that weren’t even relevant.”

Baalke may be technically correct, but his responses don’t inspire much confidence for the team’s immediate future and a healthy, functional front office.

Both Bowles and Maccagnan at Wednesday’s media session also skirted around questions about Percy Harvin, telling reporters that “it’s a process” and that they are still evaluating the situation. Maccagnan did indicate that the team might ask Harvin to restructure his contract, according to Rich Cimini of ESPN, and plans to meet with Harvin’s agent this week in Indianapolis.

Yoga Blitz, the Voice of the Fan Luncheon, and a breakfast event for personal seat license holders were also on the list of canceled events.

Brian Killingsworth, the Rams vice president for marketing and brand strategy, resigned last month Jacob McQuaide Youth Jersey after three seasons with the team. During his time in that role, the Rams ramped up their efforts to connect directly with the team’s fans. He took a similar role with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The news comes with the Rams facing the potential of a lame duck season in St. Louis. In January, it was revealed that owner Stan Kroenke is planning to build an NFL stadium along with the Stockbridge Capital Group in the Los Angeles market, on 300 acres of land in Inglewood owned by the two partners. Efforts are also underway to build a new NFL stadium in St. Louis, but the project still has a number of hurdles to clear, including details about how the project would be financed.

Dez Bryant saved his words for after his actions had paid off

After the game, Dez Bryant couldn’t stop talking about Josh Norman. With a crowd of reporters around Ezekiel Elliott, he wanted to make sure he had the full attention of the cameras and Ricardo Louis Womens Jersey microphones, so he waited for the rookie running back to finish.

First Bryant said the Washington Redskins need to get their money back from Norman, who was signed to a $75 million contract in the offseason. Then he called Norman “soft.” Then he said Norman wasn’t a lockdown corner because he “can’t even play man-to-man,” Bryant said. “Bail technique. That’s not man-to-man. It’s like you scared.” Then he said Norman was lucky.

“Yes, I am being extremely disrespectful to him because he disrespected me first, talking about how he was going to throw up the X,” Bryant said. “OK. OK. Go look at the film, man.”

Buffalo Bills coach Rex Ryan said he expects WR Sammy Watkins to play Sunday. “He won’t have a full workload, but we’re definitely going to get him in there,” Ryan said, according to ESPN Bills reporter Mike Rodak. Ryan also said RB LeSean McCoy’s thumb is “fine” and he is expected to get the majority of Buffalo’s carries.

Thomas Rawls just returned from a broken fibula last Robert Griffin III Womens Jersey week, but he declared himself ready to carry the load for the Seattle Seahawks after fellow RB C.J. Prosise suffered a scapula injury. “I train myself not like an average person, but I train myself to take on these loads for situations like this,” Rawls said. ESPN Seahawks reporter Sheil Kapadia wrote, “It’s obvious that the plan going forward will be for Rawls to carry the ground game. There’s really no other option.”

Former Seahawks RB Christine Michael should start working his way into the mix with the Green Bay Packers this week after a film-study cram session this week. The Packers are even more enthused by TE Jared Cook’s breakout performance following his return from an ankle injury. ESPN Packers reporter Rob Demovsky wrote that Cook’s return is “about the closest thing the Packers have to something they can pin their hopes on to turn things around.”

Redskins’ missed chances haunt them again in loss to Dallas

The Washington Redskins had a chance to announce themselves as serious contenders. But as was the case with the many chances they had Thursday, they failed to take advantage. Missed chances are why the Redskins can still contend for the playoffs and can be entertaining. But they’re also why they’ve fallen behind the Dallas Cowboys when it comes to thinking about doing more.

It was the old standbys that Derek Carr Authentic Jersey hurt the Redskins: a defense that struggles to stop the run and an offense that misfires too often in the red zone. Then two coaching decisions came back to hurt them by giving Dallas short fields that it turned into touchdowns.

Baldwin, the son of a police officer, earlier this season formed a “Building Bridges” task force with the Seahawks, aimed at using his platform as a professional athlete to bring law enforcement closer to the communities they serve.

Baldwin also met with Gov. Jay Inslee (D) during his visit to Olympia.

Thanks for stopping by the office @DougBaldwinJr and for your work bringing communities together.

— Governor Jay Inslee (@GovInslee) November 21, 2016
“The perspective that I tried to relay is that I know it’s a complex situation,” Baldwin said. “I know that police officers have a very difficult job.
Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said earlier this week that he’s proud of Baldwin.

“I think he’s going to be a legitimate factor bringing about change,” Carroll Donald Penn Authentic Jersey said. “It’s wonderful to see him making the time and applying himself so well. He has such a unique background with his dad being in the law enforcement and all that. His background and just handling this kind of an effort is really showing up.”

Numbers show Alex Smith’s game is headed the wrong way

The Kansas City Chiefs headed into this season thinking it would be the best yet for quarterback Alex Smith, but it isn’t turning out that way. Many of Smith’s key statistics are down from last season, including yards per attempt (7.4 last year to 6.9), touchdown percentage (4.3 to 3), passer rating (95.4 to 91.2) and rushing (31 yards per game to 6).

Throw in the Chiefs’ scoring struggles — they Brett Favre Womens Jersey have two or fewer offensive touchdowns in six of the eight full games in which Smith has played this season — and it’s easy to conclude Smith’s game has regressed this season.

Coach Andy Reid isn’t concluding that, at least not publicly.

“I think Alex is OK,’’ Reid said. “He’s going to be fine. We’ve just got to keep going here. He does a great job with leadership and all of those things. He’ll be fine. We’ve had a couple of weeks here when we’ve been in a little bit of a slump and we’ve got to pull out of it and get better. That’s all of us.’’

“You’re obviously trying to evaluate schematically what you’re doing and what’s going on,” Kubiak said. “…That group needs to be better.”

Last season the Broncos went 5-2 in the seven games that followed the loss to the Chiefs and didn’t clinch homefield advantage in the playoffs until the regular-season finale. Kubiak and the players say they face “six playoff games” this time around, though, starting Brian Poole Womens Jersey with the Chiefs.

The Broncos must again hope their defense is elite and that they can find a way to get the offensive line to play better than they have to this point in the season.

“To be 7-3, we’re in a great position,” Broncos cornerback Chris Harris Jr. said. “We’re in a same position that we’ve been in the past five years. It’s on us. We have a chance to win it and we have to go and take it. We hold our own destiny. It’s been like that every year since I’ve been here. It’s always been a tight race, so it’s going to come down to the wire.”

Failed stadium vote leaves Chargers little time to mull options

San Diego Chargers chairman Dean Spanos said he will not publicly discuss his plans for resolving the franchise’s stadium situation until the season is over.

But with a Jan. 15 deadline established by NFL owners on deciding whether the Chargers will relocate to Los Angeles, the Chargers have to move forward on both the L.A. and San Diego fronts.

That leaves Spanos just two Martin Havlat Authentic Jersey months to put things in place. He’s already working in San Diego, with Chargers stadium adviser Fred Maas meeting with San Diego mayor Kevin Faulconer this week.

“The Mayor’s office and Chargers representative met in person this week for the first time since Election Day to keep the lines of communication open as the Chargers use this time to review their options,” Faulconer’s spokesperson Matt Awbrey said in an email to “The tone was positive and collaborative and we look forward to remaining in touch.”

And in Los Angeles, expect the Chargers to reignite efforts there, such as securing land for a practice facility and agreements to host home games at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum should the team decide to partner with Rams owner Stan Kroenke on the Inglewood stadium project.

“The ball is really on their court,” Rams COO Kevin Demoff told reporters at the team’s stadium groundbreaking in Inglewood this week. “They can decide what they would want to do. We would welcome them with open arms, and if not them, we’d certainly welcome the Raiders with open arms.”

The Chargers essentially have three options: Pursue a new stadium in San Diego, take the deal with Kroenke in Los Angeles or pursue a massive overhaul at the dilapidated Qualcomm Stadium.

Securing a new stadium in San Diego

Spanos and the rest of his group involved in the stadium effort were not Michael Ryder Authentic Jersey surprised by the failed vote in November on the team’s $1.8 billion downtown stadium and convention center citizens’ initiative.

Despite spending more than $10 million on the campaign, the Chargers received just 43 percent approval from city voters. Measure C required two-thirds for approval.

The issue for the team and Faulconer now is crafting a finance plan for a stadium project that gets more support from city and business leaders, whether the location of a new stadium is downtown or at Mission Valley, current site of Qualcomm Stadium.

And that won’t be easy. Because of low voter turnout and support in the election, if they choose to stay, the Chargers likely would wait until November 2018 to put a ballot initiative back in front of voters.

Mookie Betts had an age-23 season for the, um, ages

For more than a year, Ruben Amaro Jr. dispatched the Philadelphia Phillies’ army of scouts to mine the Boston Red Sox for talent in case the teams ever got serious about a trade. And every report he read predictably featured one name above almost all others: Mookie Betts.

That was hardly a surprise, of course. Betts is a rare blend of speed and power, an all-around athlete who rose through the minor leagues with the promise of being an All-Star in the majors. But it wasn’t until this season, when Amaro descended from the general manager ranks and joined the Red Sox’s coaching staff, that he realized just how special Betts really is.

“Two things that I marveled at with Mookie,” Amaro said by phone this week. “One, his attention to detail as far as being a complete player. He works extremely hard to be as good as he can possibly be, and he’ll continue to do that. That’s his makeup. That’s his DNA. I did not know that about him.

In 1932, Grantland Rice argued that the underheralded second baseman Charlie Gehringer deserved consideration:

What, indeed. Rice mentions “the knack for timely hitting,” “caring less about winning the batting championship than hoisting the Detroit team into a preferred position,” “superbly graceful (play) around the keystone sack,” playing a demanding infield position and being smart in scouting opponents.

In 1928, the Times made the case for Burleigh Grimes, who was an underdog to Jim Bottomley of the front-running Cardinals:

There is no question John Randle Authentic Womens Jersey that Burleigh’s presence on their team has inspired the Pirates. In the spring, when all the pitchers with the exception of Grimes were going bad, the team appeared listless and downhearted. There were games when they were worse than the hopeless Phillies. Now they look like one of the best teams in the league. They never would have threatened to climb out of the second division if Battling Burleigh hadn’t been plugging for them…. What a man!
From the beginning, there was an admirable effort put into understanding the entirety of the ballplayer’s contribution, and valuing those things that the ballplayers and ballclubs themselves valued. There was also, arguably, a tendency for writers to talk themselves into some terrible positions, such as “Tony Lazzeri for MVP”; hitting .373/.474/.765, as Gehrig did in 1927, or .364/.469/.749, as Jimmie Foxx did in 1932, might also help us define “value.” (Each won the MVP award.) But, presumably, Ray Kyle Rudolph Authentic Womens Jersey and Rice didn’t discount those gaudy slash lines. They just aimed to make the case that a successful ballplayer often does things that didn’t, as they say, show up in the box score.

Oversaturated sluggers market could leave good hitters disappointed

Three winters ago, Kendrys Morales was the free agent left standing when the music stopped in the winter-market game of musical chairs. He had turned down a qualifying offer from the Seattle Mariners for $14.1 million, but with some teams unwilling to give up their top draft pick for a designated hitter type, Morales went unsigned through the offseason and into late May before he finally signed with the Minnesota Twins.

It makes a lot of sense, then, that Lorenzo Alexander Authentic Jersey Morales and his representatives grabbed the first big deal of the offseason — $33 million over three years with the Toronto Blue Jays — and this probably will turn out to be a very, very smart business decision, given the saturation of sluggers (DHs, first basemen and corner outfielders) in free agency.

Also Tuesday, Reyes said he recently spoke with free-agent Yoenis Cespedes, whom the Mets hope to re-sign. Granderson suggested Tuesday it may be Marcell Dareus Authentic Jersey 50-50 whether Cespedes returns. Reyes was unsure.

“I talked to him, like, one week ago,” Reyes said. “He’s still waiting. We want him back. I don’t know what’s going to happen. … Every team needs a player like Cespedes in the lineup. He’s a game-changer. Like I said, I tried to talk to him to try to convince him to come back. But that’s something I can’t control. For sure — not only me — every player on our ballclub wants him back. But we don’t make that decision.”

MLB suspended Reyes the opening two months of last season after a domestic-violence incident involving his wife. With a regular spring training in 2017, Reyes expects a quicker start to his season. He hit only .213 in his first 12 games upon joining the Mets in July.

“There’s no doubt in my mind,” Reyes said. “I know for sure that I’m going to be way better than the past season because I’m going to be there from the beginning. I’m going to be in spring training. I know I’m going to be in shape right out of the gate. So that’s going to be a key for me.”

Reyes said he had recently spoken with Jeurys Familia, although Reyes steered clear of bringing up the closer’s recent arrest on a domestic-violence allegation. Like Reyes last season, Familia could be facing a suspension to open 2017 no matter how the legal process plays out. Reyes’ suspension came despite authorities in Hawaii ultimately dropping charges against him.

Familia pleaded not guilty Thursday to a charge of simple assault.

“I can’t comment about that,” Reyes said. “He’s still in the legal process right now, so there’s kind of nothing to say about that matter right now. … I talked to him, but not about that matter — just to say hello and to see where he’s at. I didn’t want to touch base on that.”

400-pound Baylor TE LaQuan McGowan wants to be a pro wrestler after the NFL

Baylor’s LaQuan McGowan was listed as a 6’7, 390-pound lineman when he shocked the world and Michigan State’s defense by springing for an 18-yard touchdown in the Cotton Bowl two seasons ago.

This was at the end of McGowan’s redshirt junior season in Waco. But at the following year’s spring practice, it caught McGowan by surprise when a coach had news to give him.

Beckham became the fastest player Elvis Dumervil Youth Jersey to reach 3,500 receiving yards on an 18-yard catch in the second quarter of Monday night’s 21-20 win over the Cincinnati Bengals.

The Giants’ first-round pick in the 2014 NFL draft reached 3,500 yards in 36 career games.

Ben McAdoo and the Giants went into Monday night’s game against the Bengals unafraid, which is a big reason they pulled through with a victory.

San Diego Chargers legend Lance Alworth previously held the record, as he reached 3,500 yards in 37 career games.

Beckham scored a 10-yard touchdown later on the drive. The Pro Bowl receiver entered the season with the most receiving yards in his first two professional seasons. He had 2,755 yards despite missing five games in his first two seasons.

Beckham, 24, finished the Eric Weddle Youth Jersey game with 10 catches for 97 yards and a touchdown to give him 54 catches, 773 yards and six touchdowns in nine games this season.

“I’m not sure. I left the facility earlier today and hadn’t heard anything and still haven’t heard anything,” Brady told host Jim Gray. “That’s the first I’ve heard of it.”

Brady addressed his own injury after he absorbed a low hit by Seahawks safety Kam Chancellor early in Sunday night’s loss and said he felt fortunate that it didn’t result in a right knee injury.

“I’m sore,” Brady said Monday. “But I’ll be ready to go next week.”

AL West offseason preview: The one big question for each team

With free agency underway, the offseason is about to pick up steam. What are the big questions facing all 30 teams? We’ve already covered the AL East, NL East and AL Central and now we’re moving on to the America League West.

Could Edwin Encarnacion be the key to the offseason plans of both the Red Sox and Blue Jays? We look at the biggest issues facing teams in the AL East heading into the offseason.

Can the Mets replace Yoenis Cespedes if he leaves? Why is Trea Turner’s role such a big deal? We look at the biggest issues facing teams in the NL East heading into the offseason.

If you feel cheated by this angle, the most interesting on-field questions for the A’s involve whether or not they can get Sonny Gray back to what he used to be after an awful 2015 — although cynics would note that’d just revive his trade value and get him shipped out. And what they do with Marcus Semien? With a wave of infield prospects fronted by Franklin Barreto on the way up, will they move Semien off short? But even those questions won’t be answered in Terence Newman Authentic Jersey spring training, hampering opportunities for the A’s to swing deals in December. — Christina Kahrl

Yes, they’ll need a bounce-back campaign from Dallas Keuchel and a healthy Lance McCullers, but the Astros did rank fourth in the AL in runs allowed, so run prevention is in reasonably good shape with everyone back. The outfield, however, ranked 28th in the majors in wOBA as Colby Rasmus, Carlos Gomez, Jake Marisnick and Preston Tucker all cratered at the plate.

The Astros already claimed Nori Aoki off waivers from Seattle and he’ll get the shot in left field, at least as a platoon guy, but he’s 35 and the Mariners decided he wasn’t worth his $6 million salary. Yulieski Gurriel is now blocked at third base by Tom Johnson Authentic Jersey Alex Bregman, so he’s a candidate for left field as well. Marisnick ended up as the primary center fielder after Gomez was released, and though he’s a plus defender he hit just .209/.257/.331. If you go with him and Aoki in the outfield, you’re not getting much power at two positions.

What the Astros really need is a left-handed bat with some power (especially since Luis Valbuena is a free agent). The only good fit in free agency is Dexter Fowler, who isn’t a big power bat but is a switch-hitter who can play center field.

Oh, the only catchers on the 40-man roster are Max Stassi and Evan Gattis with Jason Castro a free agent. But I guess that’s a second big question.

Is there any power in these aspirational clauses?

The Pistons be after their third straight victory

Holliday came through for the St. Cardinals their recent win and try to stay on track Wednesday the continuation of a four-game series against the Colorado Rockies at Coors Field. Holliday went 4-for-4 with a two-run, three RBI and two runs scored against his former team and helped the Cardinals their 11 pounding of the Rockies. The Cardinals, who took over sole possession of first place the NL Central and sit one game ahead of Pittsburgh, jumped out to a 10 lead and pounded out 18 hits. You like gaining a game on them, but there’s still a lot of left and we’ve got to keep winning to make it hard on them, Holliday said of the close race with the Pirates. The Cincinnati Reds are the mix, too, at 2 2 off the pace.

Carpenter finished with three hits, three Cortez Kennedy Authentic Jersey runs scored and two RBI, while Jon went 3-for-5 and both Yadier Molina and Daniel Descalso collected two hits and two runs batted. Carpenter is batting.444 during a nine-game hitting streak and is two doubles shy of matching Stan Musial’s club record for doubles by a left-handed batter a. Cardinals starting pitcher Joe allowed three hits and two walks over five scoreless innings to earn the win, but left the game with right calf soreness. The injury is not deemed serious for the Cards’ rotation. St. winners eight of 11, send Adam Wainwright to the mound Wednesday and he is aiming for his 17th win of the. Wainwright owns a 16 over 31 starts to go along with a 2 earned run average and the Cardinals are 5 his last seven appearances. The right-hander was solid a no-decision against Seattle a 2 win on Friday and hurled eight innings of one-run ball. Wainwright has a 9 record 16 road assignments this and a 5 with a 1 10 career against Colorado. Colorado try to bounce back Wednesday and took this series opener, 6. However, the bats were silent the recent DeShawn Shead Authentic Jersey loss and Rockies starter Nicasio was hammered to the tune of eight runs and eight hits 2 3 innings. I didn’t have control of fastball, I had trouble, Nicasio told the Rockies’ official website. When I can’t throw fastball for a strike down the zone, it’s hard for me. DJ LeMahieu and Michael Cuddyer had RBI apiece, as the Rockies lost for the eighth time their last 11 contests. Cuddyer leads the NL batting race with a.331 average, just a few points ahead of Atlanta’s. The Rockies are 1 on their nine-game homestand and hand the ball to Chatwood Wednesday hopes of him cooling off the Cardinals. Chatwood is 7 with a 3 18 starts, but hasn’t posted a decision each of his previous three outings. In a 7 win at Arizona on Friday, Chatwood lasted 4 3 innings and was reached for seven hits and two runs. Chatwood, a right-hander, has allowed two runs or less three straight and seven of his last eight trips to the mound. He has pitched well at Coors Field this, going 4 nine starts, and is 0 two career relief appearances against the Cardinals. Colorado lost two of three at St. from 10 and went 2 last ‘s series with the Cardinals.

The Pistons be after their third straight victory while trying to clinch the series with the Pacers for the first time since 2007, when they won all four between the teams. Detroit has won the first two meetings with the Pacers this but tonight mark the first time they’ve played since the Pistons lost Jennings for the with a torn Achilles tendon. The Pacers are expected to have guard George Hill the starting lineup for the first time since Dec. 3Hill missed 11 with a left groin strain before coming off the bench the last five.