Move this clown college organization to San I can become a Niners fan already

Asked 10 year old if he’d be excited if the Raiders moved to our town, San. He said, Why would we want a team with Schaub as quarterback? They already ran him out of Texas once.The last game I went to was against Tampa Bay 2012, when made our defense look like a JV squad trying to tackle a running back covered grease. I was with some friends who came from LA and central California, and it was their first Brandon Mebane Jersey time to a game person, they were pretty excited. We had great seats – the best I’ve ever had at a football game – about 10 rows from the field at somewhere like the 35 yard line. After broke 67 yards for his second TD late the third quarter to go up 28, I decided to beat the crowd and hop on the train back to San. friends looked at me with sad faces, and I told them they should stay, this being their first game and all, but that I had seen this movie too times to stick around. As I’m on the train, buddies start texting me how I left too early and that the Raiders were coming back after led drives for 3 TDs the fourth. I told them to wait and how they’d it up, and sure enough ran for his fourth TD and threw interception to seal the deal. The Casey Hayward Jersey vindication I felt for leaving early was probably the most I felt relation to the Raiders that entire.We are the absolute worst at drafting. We are somehow even worse at free agency. Our fans are the fucking worst. All they do is bitch about being underrated all this offseason. Some of them even have playoff aspirations. Are you me? Have you seen this team? We’d be lucky to scrape five wins together this year, and that was before we got handed the league’s toughest schedule. Fuck that. Fuck this team, the fans, management, and double our clown serial killer owner.

Move this clown college organization to San I can become a Niners fan already. Sam: Oakland sports are having existential crisis brought on by the state of the Coliseum. Currently, being a fan involves having passing familiarity with city planning, local politics, and environmental law. Superfans like Dr Death address the city council costume. The stadium shitshow is making us familiar with urban planning legal issues like ENAs, EIRs and CEQA. When the Raiders came back to Oakland the city obliged their demands. The current sewage problems? That’s because the Raiders renovations required the field to be lowered several feet below what the plumbing was originally designed for. For this, the city of Oakland floated a bond for a quarter of a billion dollars, with none of the Raiders’ revenue streams turn going to the city. Two decades later the city still owes $191 million, and the teams consider the stadium and arena unsalvageable. The Raiders and the A’s are both threatening to leave and all parties are trying any semblance of the leverage they can invent against the other two. Oakland, the Raiders and the A’s are all bluffing, and all of their bluffs have been called, they go back to bluffing-it’s like a Mamet script. The Raiders were bluffing that they had a stadium project ready to go as soon as the A’s get out of their way, and when that bluff was called they started bluffing that they’ll move to San, where their stadium problems would play out with the Alamodome which may be the only operating stadium the country more effed than the Coliseum. The A’s were bluffing that they’d get permission to move but when that bluff got called they started bluffing that they’re willing to stay Oakland if given a -ton of concessions, but the A’s new 10-year commitment to Oakland is basically a 3-year lease followed by a series of 1-year extensions after that, and they’ve basically already packed their bags and are just waiting for MLB to give up and let them leave. And the mayor and city council, whose ONE goal this shitshow is to not lose all three sports teams one election cycle, oscillate between playing hardball-which they understand to be nuking all negotiations over details they themselves ‘t understand, for the sake of appearing tough-and getting their bluff called embarrassingly unambiguous fashion, bent over the barrel like they have been for decades, piling on ever more crushing debt on Oakland’s impoverished tax base. Here’s a nice embarrassing example of Oakland’s unique mix of incompetence, delusion, and perfidy: the mayor gave interview saying that the literal Crown of Dubai was pocket and would be infusing the funds needed for a giant two-stadium plus arena plus commercial district Coliseum City complex that would solve everyone’s problems simultaneously.

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