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On Christmas Eve, the TB Times gave us a straight-forward, Santa-themed image, and the New Year’s Eve cartoon is similarly simple. Each picture is only one panel as opposed to a comic strip, and both pertain to the holiday at hand. Here, you can see Brady near a Happy New Year banner in Patriots colors as he pins a 2018 calendar to the wall. He says, Well I guess I’ll … see ya next year! (which is a good dad joke, and also exactly what I said at 10:30 on New Year’s Eve before I went home and climbed into bed, because I am washed).
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However, things get slightly more confusing when you look to Brady’s left (our right) and see a sad-looking man in a green shirt sitting at a table near a bunch of Jets paraphernalia. At first, I thought this guy might Womens Victor Hedman Jersey be a character from Office Space, because someone tweeted a picture of Bill Lumbergh at me and suggested that Brady is supposed to be Lumbergh:

It’s a good idea, especially since all the movies the TB Times has referenced feature actors named Bill (from the Patriots’ win against Buffalo) or are from the mid 2000s 锟斤拷 the formative years of people now in their 20s who maybe work in sports social media.

But the reports that Lumbergh always asked for were of the TPS variety, not performance, as the whiteboard in this image says. And Brady is not wearing suspenders or a tie in the TB Times, nor is he holding a mug. Also, I’m not sure Lumbergh is someone you want to compare Brady to.

However, where the Office Space theory really falls apart is when you look more closely at the Sad Jets Fan. He doesn’t bear resemblance to any of the actors in the movie.

Ryan, who turns 33 in May, has said he has plenty of good years left. Dimitroff can see Ryan playing into his 40s, like New England’s Tom Brady.

Personally, that is my feeling, Dimitroff said. I think he’s a guy who takes care of his body both on and off the field properly. He does a lot work on the field. He’s good about his nutrition and his approach. … We want him to be a part of this organization for a long time coming.
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Dimitroff said re-signing kicker Matt Bryant, who turns 43 in May, also is a priority. Bryant made 34 of 39 field goal attempts this past season and all 35 extra point attempts.

Matt Bryant is one that we’re going to talk to here soon about what’s going on next season, Dimitroff said. I think Matt did a heck of a job for us this year. In a lot of ways, he stepped up to the ball and rose to the occasion. I was very proud of him, as I know Dan was. Having a guy who continues to fight age, but he does a very good job with it. He continues to come through for us. He’s an important part.
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